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Sisters by Choice is committed to addressing breast cancer disparity with our full service mobile breast clinic.

Sisters By Choice
Sisters By Choice

This year, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and thousands will not receive lifesaving screenings and treatment because they either lack access or resources to receive quality breast care. Because Georgia has elected not to expand its Medicaid coverage, more than 280,000 Georgia adults fallen have fallen into the “coverage gap”. More than half of them are women. Geographically, we have 159 counties in our state. 79 of those counties are without an OB/GYN and 66 counties are without a general surgeon.

In 2015 Sisters by Choice built a state-of-the-art mobile breast clinic. Unlike most mobile mammography clinics, the SBC Mobile Breast Clinic provides full service care with a breast specialist or physician assistant on site. Those services include breast examinations, digital mammograms and remote radiology support, and comprehensive diagnostic testing, patient navigation, prevention education, and treatment referral.

We continue to look for partners to help us deliver health and hope on the road. We will inspire strength and encourage change.

We will fight breast cancer. We will win. Join us!

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Sisters By Choice


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The Sisters by Choice’s Mobile Breast partners with health agencies and civic organizations providing breast cancer screening and breast cancer education.

If you are interested in partnering with the Sisters by Choice Mobile Breast Clinic

Contact us at 770-987-2951770-987-2951.

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