About Us

Vision Statement

To continue to be a leading provider of innovative programs that educate the public about breast cancer. To support men and women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. To partner with other breast health advocacy groups to help eradicate the disease.

Mission Statement

To significantly reduce the incidence and severity of breast cancer by delivering innovative programs that increase breast cancer awareness, education, and early detection. Provide treatment programs for underserved and uninsured men and women and establish a network of support group chapters that provide resources, information and counsel to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.

Who We Are!

Sisters By Choice (SBC) was founded in 1989 by Dr. Rogsbert F. Phillips-Reed, a prominent Atlanta-based breast surgeon, SBC has evolved into a multi-faceted organization providing services for uninsured and under-served women.

Cancer Statistics

This year, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and thousands will not receive lifesaving screenings and treatment because they either lack access or resources to receive quality breast care.

mobile breast clinic

SBC provides more than 1000 free mammograms and breast exams to uninsured, unemployed and homeless women each year and provides free educational seminars, workshops, and health fair screenings to promote breast cancer awareness.

Our partners

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